Village Dhawala, Jaipur Road, District Alwar

Sariska Concept Wedding

It may surprise you but the concept of having different wedding themes is only recently catching up in the context of Indian weddings and even now most of the Indian weddings are held in a rather traditional setup. The royal theme seems to be the most popular yet, may be due to the rich royal heritage India passed through till half a century ago. It is not very uncommon to book royal buildings or a portion of palaces as venues to give the best possible authenticity. We introduce the innovative concept of interiors for weddings, which brought forth the concept of thematic décor for weddings.

The magnificence of Sariska tiger camp reflects in the events hosted in its premises. The vicinity of the swimming pool, views of the scenic hills & the backdrop of the majestic adds glamour to all the events. The indoor and outdoor locations offer you a choice for pre-wedding ceremonies, wedding & receptions gatherings. Just celebrate your events / functions with your entire family and friends.

We will help you plan your event with an expert eye to every minute detail to make it flawless and unforgettable. You have a choice to create your wedding feast from a variety of international flavors to local cuisines to vast array of mouth watering Desserts. Our Chefs will turn each delicacy into a culinary delight

Wedding in Sariska Hotel Alwar
 Alwar Sariska Wedding Function
Wedding Function in Sariska
Function in Sariska Resort
Wedding Party in Sariska Resort Alwar
Wedding function in Sariska

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